Choco-Latte is possibly one of the smallest shops in Edinburgh that is just utterly bursting with character. Although we are small we make use of every square inch. We literally have chocolate hanging from the rafters. Here at Choco-latte we take great joy in offering a totally unique chocolate / sweet experience. The delights we hold in store amaze both the old and young.

We are the small pink shop which wafts flavours and smells into the busy main South Clerk Street which is only a 5- 10 minute walk from Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile.

Choco-Latte is like the shop you have day dreams about. Imagine! You walk into a shop and it holds delights from your childhood right through to your most secret adult indulgencies. When you walk into Choco-latte it like being in a movie set, it is so vibrant, so colourful and such fun.

Choco-Latte has just about every type of sweets available. If your preference is old school mixtures then the cola bottles, fizzy flying saucers and jelly snakes are there for you to mix it up....However if you have a more sophisticated pallet then the most amazing Belgium chocolates and fine chocolate delicacies are almost overflowing in the shelves.

Choco-latte is famous in Edinburgh for its amazing muffins.... These huge mountains of muffins are lashed with chocolate and topped with an array of goodies from maltesers to truffles. Our tray bake biscuits are not to be missed we don't know of any where they are made better. They are topped with chocolate and have so many toppings from mint, coconut, caramel to a fun marshmallow chaos which we call "refrigerator cake".

Our cakes really are given great care and attention, each one different and one of a kind, these may be the cakes that you take round to your friend for lunch or for a very special birthday, our cakes are so irresistible we can guarantee that they will be enjoyed and ooh'd and ahh'd over, they will certainly bring a smile to face of any one who receives one. All our cakes come wrapped in clear wrap cello and are finished with colourful ribbons which make them look even more awesome.

The girls at Choco-latte also do special gifts for occasions... We have fabulous chocolate lollies that you can have special messages put on such as "Good luck in new job" or "Well done passing exams" anything you wish really, the girls love making special discs for your own occasion. 

Choco-latte is so close to Edinburgh's Royal Mile it goes with out saying that we also offer gifts to take back home if you are on vacation, we offer lots of great quality Scottish gifts that you can take back to your family and friends but be careful you don't eat them on the way home.

We really can't wait for you visit our shop we are so proud of the quality of our products and our unique individual service we know you will leave the shop with a happy glow and a smile on your face.