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Review of Choco-Latte from 24 August 2010

i was stunned by tons of chocolate. there's chocolate everywhere in the shop. Very impressive. I couldn't control myself and bought a lot for myself and my friends and ate like crazy...



5.0 star rating
24/4/2010 1 photo
If you like chocolate even the tiniest little bit, and you've never been to this shop then I honestly don't know what you're playing at.

At one stage this place was on my daily route to/from uni, and I definitely think this is where the bulk of my student loan went - not because it's expensive, but because it's THAT good. My personal favourites are the millionaire caramel shortbread, or the huge muffins that take up the entire bottom shelf in the window.

And there's a reason for that... they're enormous. As in, almost as big as your face. And, there are at least half a dozen types to choose from at any given time. Imagine taking the biggest, chocolatiest muffin you could ever make, pouring even more yummy chocolate over it, and heaping loads of chopped Mars bar/home-made truffles/broken Creme Eggs etc over the top, and you're about halfway to imagining how good they are.

I wouldn't recommend this place to claustrophobics though... you couldn't swing a sugar mouse in here never mind a cat, but this is because the place is crammed with any sugar-based and cocoa-based product you could ever dream up... and then some.

When I'm not stuffing my face with their muffins, I also come here for friends' birthdays or any other time when I'm in need of a cake. They'll happily make you up a 3-tier chocolate cake and decorate it with whatever you want (think along the lines of the muffin description) for less than £10. I bought one of their ready-made-and-decorated cakes the first time, and although I think that one had been hanging there for a while, if you ask them they'll always do you one from scratch.

Not only does it taste amazing, but it everyone thinks you spent hours putting loads of thought and effort into making it...

Fiona H

22/4/2010 1 photo First to Review
The phrase 'Kid in a sweet shop' perfectly describes how I feel as soon as I enter Choco-Latte, because this tiny shop on South Clark street would make Willy Wonka himself proud.

There is chocolate everywhere, and I mean it literally - sweets balance on shelves, cakes rest on counters and chocolate hangs from the roof. And what chocolate it is, sweet and tasty - i tuely recommend coming to this place.

My favourate though, has to be the cakes - chocolate cakes crammed with all sorts of sweets and lumps of chocolate bars on top, truely heaven - if a nightmare for dentists.

Choco Latte is a great place to indulge your sweet tooth.


Scotland on Sunday Spectrum 15th Aug 2008
'Hidden Treasure'

Calorie-counters need read no further. But for everyone who understands that a life without chocolate is not really much of an existence, Choco Latte on Edinburgh's southside is an absolute must.

Sweetness and light await you in this fabulous emporium. Crammed with a vast array of indulgent chocolatey treats, including Alabama fudge cake, Belgian truffle muffins and Malteser chocolate cake, there's something for even the most discerning sweet-tooth.

As well as a counter filled to capacity, there are shelves bulging with various other types of confectionery, including giant lollipops dangling from the ceiling, providing a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Choco Latte, 39 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh

The full article appears in Scotland on Sunday.

Last Updated: 15 August 2008 2:57 PM
Source: Scotland On Sunday
Location: Scotland

Following a review of sweet shops in the Scotsman 16th May 2007 the following comment was left:

Belle, Birmingham 16/05/2007 10:46:03
I spend a fair amount of time in Edinburgh and I have found the best sweet shop in the world. It is Choco - Latte on South Clerk Street. It is like some thing out of Harry Potter and has every kind of sweet that you can imagine from cherry lips to flying saucers. They also sell the most amazing cakes and magic muffins that are so ladden with toppings that you can hardly fit it in your mouth. Every time I go in I take pictures and get special discs made up for my friends back in Birmingham. The sexy pink ladies made out of pink chocolate are winners every time.
This wee shop should win best sweet shop in the world never mind Scotland !!!

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